The Mental Edge in Trading : Adapt Your Personality Traits and Control Your Emotions to Make Smarter Investments


51m3ZkY3P5L The Mental Edge in Trading explains the critical link between successful trading and personality traits–and it gives you the tools to use this information to make smarter trades.

Dr. Williams tested proven winning traders who were managing billions of dollars to see what the great winning traders had in common, what personality traits made them so successful. The results are in this groundbreaking book that will help you become like these winning traders.

His conclusions are based on hard science, the latest brain research, and the careful study of successful traders, not on psychobabble meanderings. Dr. Williams provides:

A comprehensive overview of how personality/emotions affect every trading decision
The information you need to determine the emotions that dominate your decision making
Proven methods for adapting your trading plan–and your behaviour–to make more money than ever
With The Mental Edge in Trading, you have everything you need to apply your cluster of personality traits to become a better, wiser, and more consistently successful market trader.

Solid trading strategies and accurate market indicators are crucial. But when push comes to shove, the glue that binds them is your emotional state at any given time. When things go south, the best trading system will collapse like a house of cards–if you allow it to.

About the Author

Dr Jason Williams is a Johns Hopkins Hospital-trained psychiatrist. He has subspecialty training in psychosomatic medicine and was taught how to use and interpret the world’s foremost personality test, the NEO PI-R, by one of the co-inventors of the tool. Dr. Williams lives in northern Virginia and practices both inpatient and outpatient psychiatry there. Some of his patients/clients are high-net-worth individuals who seek to maximise their wealth through better mental health.

Larry Williams is a full-time trader and fund manager who speaks at major investment conferences throughout the world. He has created numerous market indicators, including Williams % R, the Ultimate Oscillator, COT indicators, and the POIVI (price open interest volume accumulation indicator). Larry Williams has written seven other books on stocks and trading.


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