Risk Maturity Model

Safety objectives cannot be fully realised through rule enforcement alone After the dramatic improvements of H&S using systematic procedural techniques, the quest for zero incident rates has remained illusive. Continuously tightening work place discipline and rigour can prove counter productive if it leads to a ‘them and us’ mentality characterised by mistrust, resentment and disaffection. Trust and mutual respect are only achieved through proper consideration of the human factor in the risk equation. Many different aspects of personality are related to risk taking; it is not a simple scale between ultra cautiousness and uncontrolled recklessness. To enrich organisational risk culture […]

Developing Resilience

Organisations are complex systems with many moving parts. For example, shipping companies have shops, crews, vessel managers, cargo agents, HR managers, training managers. safety managers, Board Directors etc. These parts all interact with each other as well as externally with an outside world of regulatory, environmental, physical, economic and human factors. To remains successful, such systems must be able to maintain their stability in the face of constant perturbation both from outside and in.