Mission Statement


The IIRP seeks to ensure that Risk Management practices are enriched through the assimilation of knowledge, research, professional practices and techniques of Risk Psychology.


To promote the trans-migration of skills and insights between all forms of risk management and human psychology,  to ensure balance between the emphasis on systems and individuals within the risk management debate, and to act as a facilitator for the benefit of risk practitioners and business leaders addressing issues of organisation resilience .

Value Proposition:

All individuals, whether as employers, employees, risk managers or members of the public each, through their human nature, always play a part in the delicate and uncertain balance between risk and opportunity.

Organizational Resilience has benefited from an impressive range of professional Risk Management skills and techniques that originated in the wider management community.

To be truly effective, human factor risk management will need to synchronize with human psychology, and particularly with its focus on individual differences.

The IIRP will be a hub through which membership, newsletters, white papers, research reports, meetings and conferences will disseminate the tools, and techniques needed to enhance Risk Management practices.