IRM – Human Factors in Risk Management


This innovative course is designed for risk professionals who want to enhance their ability to communicate their risk ideas, messages and objectives with boards and stakeholders.

By attending this course you will be introduced to a unique risk personality tool – developed specifically for risk specialists to enable you to understand your own and others’ perception of risk, risk tolerance, propensity for risk taking and the implications this has on decision-making.

Equipped with this information, you will know where to place managers and other employees on a spectrum between ‘over cautious’ and ‘gung-ho adventurous’, enabling you to evaluate their actions, and the implications, at all organisational levels.


The Course Provides:

This is a developmental workshop and includes group discussions and practical exercises. You will:

  • Learn to address the full risk agenda – get to grips with these ‘people issues’
  • Address the ‘risk of the risk manager’ – explored through a personalised report for you to discover your own readiness to take risks and implications for you as a risk specialist
  • Learn how to adapt your behaviours to communicate with the ‘risk type’ of people you need to influence
  • Explore the theoretical foundations in addressing the ‘human factor risk element’ in risk management strategy

This course has been designed for:

  • Risk managers
  • Regulatory and compliance advisers
  • Professionals working in similar fields

Dates for 2014:  

6th February 2014

29th May 2014

4th September 2014

6 November 2014


For more information visit the Institute of Risk Management.


In-house courses are also available on request