Risk Type Compass Qualification Workshop


The 1 day Risk Type Compass® qualifying workshop is designed to allow practitioners to use the RTC® with confidence. Trainees are coached to appreciate its strategic importance and are introduced to a wide range of possible applications at the individual, team and corporate levels. The origins, development, rationale and conceptual relevance of the tool and its significance in making sense of the confusion surrounding ‘propensity for risk’ are explained. Opportunities for discussion about trainees own R-TC® profiles, the different uses of the RTC® and a practical feedback session all help to facilitate professional implementation of this important tool.


The Course Provides:

This is a qualification workshop

  • PCL Certification in use of the Risk Type Compass®
  • A complementary use of RTC for post-course feedback practice
  • Comprehensive training materials including presentation slides, Risk Type interpretation handouts and access to research articles
  • Digital copy of the RTC Manual


Course has been designed for:

Anyone with a professional interest in human factor risk, including:

  • Risk managers, auditors, project managers
  • Regulatory and compliance advisers
  • Coaches, HR specialists and business psychologists
  • Emergency services, security services and armed forces

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Dates for 2014